1000 Voci per Ricominciare: An Extraordinary Example of Solidarity from the Choral World

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“1000 voci per ricominciare” (1000 voices to start again) is the name of the project born from the idea of some Italian choristers to give a concrete help to the people that suffered the effects of the earthquake in central Italy last year.

The project is a network of concerts around Italy, but not restricted to the Italian borders, dedicated to fundraising for the reconstruction of the theatre of Amatrice (Rieti Province).

The mutual goal is that every single Euro collected in each performance will go to the areas hit by the earthquake, with due regard to transparency.

Until now more than 300 concerts were planned with more to come. More details on http://www.1000vocixricominciare.it/

Let’s be inspired by this example of choral connection: if you want to organize you own fundraising concerts, please contact info@1000vocixricominciare.it