12th World Symposium on Choral Music (WSCM2020): Call for Choirs Coming Soon

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The theme of the 12th World Symposium on Choral Music (WSCM2020), to be held in Auckland from 11 to 18 July 2020, was announced a few weeks ago. We believe it is not only evocative of New Zealand but will also resonate with the rest of the world. For those who wish to be considered to perform or give lectures/workshops at WSCM2020, a call for choirs and presenters will soon be sent out through all our media. The Artistic Committee of WSCM2020 requires all proposals to directly relate to the theme of the Symposium ‘People and The Land’

Delegates from New Zealand at the WSCM11 Closing Concert in Barcelona on 29 July 2018.