3rd North Cyprus International Choirs Festival, Famagusta, North Cyprus, 9-14 July 2018

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It is sensational to host the musical and creative performances of the participant choirs in the Cypriot culture, while integrating new thrills with the artistic development of choir music and most importantly, vocalizing a great international sharing of our values through the Cypriot culture.

The main theme of our festival is to share humane feelings like love, brotherhood and hope, with every soul of our world, under the mediation of Choir Music.

Organized by The Eastern Mediterrenean University, our festival is supported by various public and private institutions.

Taking place between the dates 9-14th July, our Festival which is configured by students who actively participate in workshops on Choir Music, aims to pass on the culture of choir music to further generations, while giving an important message for the future of our world.

Hoping to meet you at further events...