Looking for a Concert Tour in China in July 2018? Here is an Exclusive Opportunity!

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IFCM is cooperating with partners in China on a set of international choral festivals in July 2018 and is calling for choirs interested in joining one or several of these festivals:

The Belt and Road Choral Festival in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, 13 – 17 July 2018.
The 14th China International Chorus Festival (CICF – see next announcement) in Beijing, 19 – 25 July 2018: http://en.cicfbj.cn/
 The International Folk Song Choral Festival and IFCM Voices Conference in Kaili, 27 – 30 July 2018: 2017 Kaili Video

Conditions offered to the selected choirs:

Travel to and from Beijing covered by the choirs
Travel from Beijing to Hohhot and Kaili covered by the local organizers
Food and accommodation covered in Hohhot and Kaili
Food and accommodation for four invited top choirs covered by the Beijing organizer. Discounted food and accommodation package deals offered by the Beijing organizer to all other attending choirs.

If you’re interested, please send the following material at office@ifcm.net before March 15th, 2018: […]



News from the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat: Eurochoir

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EuroChoir 2018 | Finland/Estonia | 19/07/2018 to 01/08/2018

The EuroChoir is now recruiting singers for its 2018 summer session

Did you know that this summer, 50 selected singers coming from all over Europe will meet for two weeks of intense music-and-friend making in Finland and Estonia?

Two unforgettable weeks of shared fun and rehearsals under the guidance of two exciting conductors, climaxing in their performances in the frame of the EUROPA CANTAT festival, that gathers vocal lovers from all over Europe!

Since 1982, the EuroChoir has been gathering singers under 30, thus fostering, year after year, the emergence of an ever expanding network of choral friends across Europe, sharing their passion across the borders.

Today, we are recruiting the next generation of European singers!

Press contact:
Giulia Lodi at communication@EuropeanChoralAssociation.org

7  full days of work in Helsinki (Finland), followed by 5 days of rehearsal and performance in the EUROPA CANTAT festival in Tallinn (Estonia)!

Singers will work and perform under […]



Golden Voices of Barcelona

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07 – 11 July 2019, SPAIN



Our Festival contest “The Golden voices of Barcelona” continues to be one of “THE” events in the calendar of choirs from all over the World!

2019 will be no exception!

Comments from our previous Festivals say it all! One of our distinguished judges even said that it was one of the best Festivals that he has ever judged at and that the quality of the participants was breathtaking!

Of course the contest is only a small part of this Festival event! There is plenty of time to discover Barcelona for yourself! Stroll down the Ramblas, Shop in International boutiques or enjoy a simple tapas and watch the world go by. Wherever you are in Barcelona you will be surrounded by history, culture and amazing architecture. Immerse yourself within the city and feel it’s passion!

This Festival not only lets you enjoy all of Barcelona’s delights but gives you the […]



Sun of Italy

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17 – 20 June 2018 | 08 – 11 July 2018  – Pesaro, Italy
16 – 19 June 2019 | 07 – 10 July 2019  – Pesaro, Italy


You’ll find a lot to like about Pesaro. The town’s setting is perfect, with beaches of fine golden sand fringing the Adriatic, a backdrop of undulating hills, and a pretty old town centred on the cafe-rimmed Piazza del Popolo, where the Renaissance Palazzo Ducale stands proud. The composer Rossini was so fond of his home town that he left it all of his possessions when he died. Make sure that you visit the Casa Rossini museum during your time here!Our Festival Sun of Italy combines this idyllic resort and it’s holiday feel with the opportunity to perform with and compete against other talented participants from all over the World! There will be plenty of time to form new friendships and share cultures and fill […]



Sea Sun Festival

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06 – 11 May 2018 | 17 – 22 June 2018 | 08 – 13 July 2018 | 23 – 28 September 2018
05 – 10 May 2019 | 16 – 21 June 2019 | 07 – 12 July 2019 | 22 – 27 September 2019
03 – 08 May 2020 | 14 – 19 June 2020 | 12 – 17 July 2020 | 20 – 25 September 2020


Every Visitor to Lloret is enchanted with its Catalan charm. Secluded beaches, sunny weather, the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the proximity to the beauty of Barcelona are only some of the things that make this Festival and it’s location an unforgettable experience. Barcelona is a favourite excursion destination for all of our participants among the many others that we have available for you.

All concert and competition venues in Lloret are within walking distance and our magnificent Gala concert is held within one of […]



World of Choirs 29 April – 02 May 2018 – Pesaro, Italy

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 Pesaro .. the idyllic location of tranquility for our Festival World of Choirs!The atmosphere of an unforgetable holiday in the famous Italian city of Pesaro is unique and fabulous … luxurious palaces and parks, a gentle sea, museums and an unforgettable opera … this city will take you with its charms and will not let go! Pesaro is the birthplace of the famous composer Rossini, the city of arts, music and opera.Pesaro has a unique charm – in the homeland of the famous composer G. Rossini you can feel a surge of creative thought and inspiration for new achievements.Pesaro is also beautiful from the geographical point of view – even in the hottest days here you can feel a light cool breeze, and the beauty of its coast is ideally complemented by an old quay against the backdrop of green hills.This summer, you will have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy […]



News from the 12th World Symposium on Choral Music (WSCM12 – 2020)

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The IFCM Board is happy to announce the name of the IFCM representatives in the WSCM12 – 2020:

WSCM12 Administrative Committee:

Emily Kuo Vong (Portugal, USA, Macau)
Gábor Móczár (Hungary)
Ki Adams (Canada)

WSCM12 Artistic Committee:

Tim Sharp (USA)
Jean-Claude Wilkens (France)
Jonathan Velasco (Philippines)



News from Choral Canada

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Early bird registrations are now available for PODIUM on the EDGE: Singing from Sea to Sea to Sea in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador (June 29 – July 3, 2018) on http://www.podiumconference.ca/registration–inscription.html

Contact: podium@choralcanada.org



Famous Bulgarian choral conductor and pedagogue Krikor Chetinyan passed away on January 28, 2018

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Krikor Chetinyan ( 1943 – 2018)  was one of the most important choral directors in Bulgaria and long service associate professor and Head of Conducting at the Academy of Music and Dance Plovdiv, Bulgaria. His artistic life is bound  with the Female Chamber Choir and the Plovdiv Choral Singing Society ” Angel Bukureshtliev”. Both of them approached high level and international recognition. Krikor Chetinyan had been invited as a member of many international festivals and competitions such  as in Tolosa, Arezzo, Seghizzi, Gorizia, Riva del Garda and others.