Applications are now open for the Fleischmann International Trophy Competition

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Applications are now open for the Fleischmann International Trophy Competition in the 2018 (2nd – 6th May) and 2019 (1st – 5th May) Festivals and beyond.

Each year some of the finest amateur choirs are selected to compete for the prestigious Fleischmann International Trophy. The selected choirs will also be scheduled for a range of additional festival activities throughout the week including fringe concerts, church and informal performances. A Meet and Greet session and a nightly Festival Club is organised to allow participants to get to know each other and to meet in a convivial social setting.

The Fleischmann International Trophy Competition consistently features top class adult choirs from many countries. A programme of a capella (purely vocal) music consisting of either three or four contrasting works whose total duration (actual singing) is between ten and twelve minutes, is required. The music must be purely vocal without the addition of percussion instruments. Choirs whose programmes do not comply with the prescribed limits will incur a time penalty.

The contrasting programme must represent an historically-balanced and coherent range of styles and must include:

  1. A piece composed before 1750
  2. An original work by a living composer
  3. A work by a composer of the choir’s native country

Subsequent to final acceptance, a choir may not change its repertoire, nor the order in which it will be sung. The five member international jury allocates marks for the technical and artistic quality of the chosen programme and the overall quality of its performance. It will also take into account how well the choir communicates with the audience in a performance situation.

  • Closing date for receipt of completed applications is 31st October of the preceding year.
  • Open to any choir of international standing (except specifically children’s choirs)
  • Minimum twenty/Maximum sixty voices
  • Successful Applicants will be notified by fax or email within two weeks of the closing date

Each choir is required to forward by 31st October of the preceding year:

  1. A completed application form  (available below)
  2. A recent CD recording of the choir
  3. The choir’s proposed competition programme (see Repertoire Requirements detailed above). If accepted, this repertoire and its order of performance may not subsequently be altered
  4. One original published score, or certified/licensed legal copy of each work (non returnable)
  5. A short history of the choir and conductor detailing activities and achievements (English Text, 250 words)
  6. A digital photograph (suitable for publicity purposes and at least 1MB in size) of the choir
  7. Receipt of payment of entry fee of €300 (see Entry Fees)

It is now possible to submit your Fleischmann International Trophy Competition application form by email. A copy of this application form is available to download below. It must be noted however that application submitted by email act only as provisional entries. Choir must forward the specified support materials to the Festival office by the competition closing date 31st October of the preceding year. Email applications will be disregarded if the specific support material is not submitted.


Only applications enclosing all of the requirements detailed under Application Procedure will be considered. Choirs are selected on the basis of their application material. Particular attention is paid to the repertoire and quality of performance presented on the audition CD submitted with the application.


The entry fee for the Fleischmann International Trophy Competition is €300. This entry fee must be paid by bank transfer to the Cork International Choral Festival’s account by 31st October of preceding year. Choirs are responsible for all related bank charges. The entry fee minus any bank transaction charges incurred will be refunded to those choirs who are not selected for the Fleischmann International Trophy Competition.


Participating choirs are responsible for all matters related to the organisation, booking, and payment of all accommodation and meals during their stay in Cork. A comprehensive list of specially negotiated accommodation options in varied price ranges (including Hotels, Guest Houses and Hostels) will be provided to all choirs selected for the Non-competitive Strand. The Festival is not responsible for any booking issues that may arise.


Bus transportation will be provided to choirs as follows:

  1. The Festival will provide transportation, as it deems appropriate, to scheduled performance venues within the city limits at no cost to choirs.
  2. The Festival will, if required, organise bus transport to choirs on their arrival, from Cork Airport to their accommodation, at a cost of €5 per person.
  3. The Festival will, if required, organise bus transport to choirs on their departure, from their accommodation to Cork Airport, at a cost of €5 per person.
  4. A charge will apply to choirs who are offered, and accept, an option of additional performances outside the city limits requiring bus transportation. This charge to be agreed in advance of arrival in Cork.
  5. The Festival is in a position to facilitate choirs in recommending the services of its transport partner if a choir has any other transport requests.
SUBSIDY  Choirs from outside Ireland and Northern Ireland

The Festival undertakes to pay a per diem subsidy (to a maximum of 4 full participatory days) in the amount of €20 per choir member (including conductor), up to a maximum of 36 people, towards the cost of accommodation and meals for choirs selected for the Fleischmann International Trophy Competition.