China International Chorus Festival and IFCM World Choral Education Conference

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Beijing, China, 19 July to 25 July 2018

The four top choirs invited to the China International Chorus Festival in July have now been selected:

  • From Gabon, le Chant sur la Lowé, conducted by Yveline Damas.
  • From Hungary, the Pannon Voices Mixed Choir, conducted by Adrienne Vinczeffy.
  • From New-Zealand, Viva Voce, conducted by John Rosser, will be the ambassador of the coming WSCM2020 in Auckland.
  • From the USA, the Houston Children’s Choir, conducted by Steve Rodde.

Also part of the CICF artistic program, the World Youth Choir, composed of young singers from all over the world, will rehearse during two weeks in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, before a concert tour that will end at the CICF’s opening ceremony.

This week, discover le Chant sur la Lowé!

The Vocal Group Le Chant sur la Lowé was founded by Ms. Yveline Damas in December 1990. Composed of thirty members, the choir aims to develop, popularize and enhance Gabonese musical heritage by singing in every Gabonese language. In Gabon, like in many other African countries, singing is part of the daily life. Songs and dances help with regular activities but also play an important part in the healing process, from a disease’s diagnosis to the harvest of the medicinal plants that will cure the patient. Stories and characters from traditional tales are taught through singing in order to encourage harmony. Thanks to a careful selection of costumes, choreographies and musical repertoires, Le Chant sur la Lowé works at promoting the cultural heritage of Africa in general and of Gabon in particular, but also performs classical, religious, popular and contemporary songs from Africa and other continents.

And now the three Master Classes:

  1. Choral performance - Erik Van Nevel
    Main Points:

    • Difference between performance practice and interpretation;
    • Method and technique of arrangement and choreography;
    • Using certain works to practice.
  2. Brain Gym training of children's choir - Fumiyo Tozaki
    Main Points:

    • How to improve the vocal skills for children (teenagers) with Brain Gym;
    • How to concentrate on the rehearsals for children with Brain Gym.
  3. Rhythm Training - Cristian Grases
    Main Points:

    • Basic Conducting Techniques for Rhythmic Music;
    • Eurhythmics in the Rehearsal and the Performance.

Next month, we’ll reveal the names of the speakers at the IFCM World Choral Education Conference. Stay tuned!