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Questions 1 to 8 must be completed by all project proposals to the IFCM. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please answer each question as clearly and as briefly as you can. If approved, a contract will be generated for a signing between both parties that will include a statement that, at the end of the project a report and finalized budget must be presented to the IFCM Executive Committee for final approval. Questions 1 – 9 need to be completed for major projects such as IFCM World Symposiums, IFCM World Choral EXPOs, etc..

1. Who are you?
a. Please provide information about your organization? (attach a CV or brief biography )
b. When was this organization created and what is its legal status?

c. How is your organization funded?

d. Is your organization an IFCM member?
e. Is your organization a member of your national choral association? ,
f. Is your organization’s administration:
(Please describe)
g. Are the participants of the proposed project:
(please describe)
h. Name of principal person responsible for this organization? Please provide direct contact details.

i. Name of principal person responsible for this project? Please provide direct contact details.

j. Name of person completing this application and their role in the organization/project?

k. Full Address and contact information of the organization?

l. Organisations website address?

2. Project Description
a. Describe your project in detail (max. 500 words) including where the project will take place?

b. Is there a “theme” for this project?

3. Rationale / Goal
a. Why do you want to do this project?

b. Who is the project aimed at?

c. What do you expect to be the social benefits of the outcomes of this project?

4. Artistic Rationale
a. What are the anticipated artistic, choral or musical outcomes of this project?

b. What are the regions that will benefit most from your project? Please name them.

5. Role of IFCM
a. What role do you expect the IFCM to play in this project? Please explain and pick a level.

b. What artistic, financial and promotional benefits will the IFCM receive through being involved in this project?

6. Timeline
a. What is the starting time of your project?

b. What is the finishing or completion time of your project?

c. Briefly outline the timeline of your project and the various stages for which you are seeking IFCM support, and where you will report your progress to the IFCM?

7. Personnel
a. Who are the key personnel involved in the project and what are their roles?

b. Please provide brief CVs of key personnel.

8. Budget (which must balance)
Please provide a realistic estimated budget for the project - clearly notating administrative, production and professional artist costs and levels of support from all contributors.
In Summary:
a. What is the estimated income of this project?

b. What is the estimated expenditure of this project?

9. Reportage / outcomes
If successful, status reports to the IFCM Executive Committee will be according to a pre-agreed timeline.
a. After the project is completed who will report the outcomes to the IFCM Executive Committee in writing? Please give detailed contact details.

10. Proposals for major projects such as IFCM World Symposium of Choral Music, IFCM World Choral EXPO, VOICES projects, etc.
i. Who are the major governmental and national partners who will be working with you on this project? Please outline their roles and levels of their support.

ii. Describe in detail the artistic venues that will be available for this project? Please provide details of performance, rehearsal and workshop venues.

iii. Describe in detail the supporting infrastructures that will be available to this project? Please provide details of accommodation, food and beverage, and social venues that will be available.