IFCM Elections 2017

As a democratic organisation, IFCM relies on its membership to elect the positions of responsibility that will lead the organisation forward. These unpaid positions are the President and Board. Members of the Executive Committee will be selected by the President from the elected Board. There are five permanent places on the IFCM Board reserved for the IFCM Founding organisations.

In 2017 the right to vote can only be made in person at the IFCM General Assembly in Barcelona on 26th July. To attend and vote, delegates must represent a category as stated in Statutes article IV and VI. All delegates must represent members in good standing. Though IFCM direct memberships will be checked through the IFCM database before the GA, it's strongly suggested to IFCM direct members to bring their IFCM member card 2017. Members of Founding Members must present a valid proof of their 2017 membership to these Founding Members.

IFCM Elections 2017 Voting Procedure (extracts from the IFCM Statutes&Bylaws)

Candidates for the Board:

Candidates for the Presidency