As a democratic organisation, the IFCM relies on its membership to elect the positions of responsibility that will lead the organisation forward. These unpaid positions are the President and Board. Members of the Executive Committee will be selected by the President from the elected Board. There are permanent places on the IFCM Board reserved for the IFCM Founding organisations. Presidents of these Founding Organisations are not eligible to stand for IFCM President. All nominators and nominated candidates for all positions must be individual IFCM members.

The vision and future of the IFCM are reflected in the selection of these positions, hence, it is necessary for all presidential candidates to submit their vision for the IFCM in their application. It is also important that candidates for membership to the Board be informed of the recent past of the IFCM and have suitable qualifications to serve. Board candidates are asked to provide a resume and a brief statement of their work and standing in the choral world in their application.

IFCM has adopted an organizational model that focuses on artistry and education, with a business component to support it. IFCM has substantially increased its membership that more realistically represents, and provides opportunities, for the global choral community. We have increased the number of offices and staff to pursue these opportunities for our members. Presently, IFCM has purposely targeted Asia and Africa as continents and regions that are in the greatest need of IFCM's strengths.

In 2017 the right to vote for these positions can only be made in person at the IFCM General Assembly in Barcelona on 26th July.

The candidature period will end on April 15 at 00,00 GTM.



  1. All nominations must be completed on the forms found on the IFCM Website
  2. Nominations must be completed within the deadline set by the IFCM: 15 April 2017, 00,00 GTM
  3. Only members of the IFCM may nominate or be nominated for the Board of Directors
  4. Please read the Statutes of IFCM, Article VII, point 1 about the constitution of the Board of Directors before submitting a nomination
  5. Please read the Bylaws of the IFCM, Article VI: Roles and responsibilities of Board members and Article VIII, Roles and responsibilities of the officers
  6. After closing the nomination process, all nominations will be made public
  7. The nominations will be presented in the General Assembly
  8. The elections will be carried out according to the Statutes, Article VI, point 6.

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