In the Steps of Conductors Without Borders in Gabon

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Encounter at the Heart of the Baroque Art in Gabon

Two concerts called ‘Encounter at the Heart of the Baroque Art’ were organized on February 9 and 10, 2018 in Libreville, Gabon, an initiative of Thierry Thiébaut, President of A Cœur Joie International, and Yveline Damas, President of A Cœur Joie Gabon.

The aim of this project was to bring together two cultures from two different continents (Africa and Europe) in a concert performed by European and African instrumentalists, and African soloists and choristers. Six European and two Gabonese instrumentalists, together with 50 singers of A Coeur Joie Gabon’s chorus performed Pachelbel’s Magnificat in D major and Vivaldi’s Gloria in D major, RV589, led by Thierry Thiébaut.

This project was prepared during six months by the trainees of Conductors Without Borders’ previous sessions and the singers of the choir in residence of these sessions.

Two Gabonese songs were sung at the end of each concert, reaffirming the idea of sharing music and culture. A very successful event and a wonderful way to extend the benefit of CWB’s presence in a country.