International Choral Composition Competition Alberto Grau, 25 September 2017

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The International Choral Composition Competition Alberto Grau is a tribute to the trajectory of this famous Venezuelan composer, arranger and conductor who will turn 80 in November 2017. The main objective of this competition is to promote the creation of choral music, to encourage the growth, renewal and diffusion of repertoire written in Spanish for mixed and equal voices in the 21st century. The International jury is composed by Robert Sund (Sweden), Javier Busto (Spain), Zimfira Poloz (Kazakhstan-Canada), César Alejandro Carrillo (Venezuela), Ana María Raga (Venezuela). The competition is endorsed by the European Choral Association — Europa Cantat, in strategic partnership with the Europa Cantat XX Festival to be held in Tallinn, Estonia (25 July- 5 August 2018).

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