News from the 11th World Symposium on Choral Music

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BARCELONA, 22 - 29 JULY 2017

An extraordinary event for every choral singer, conductor, composer or audience member from around the world.

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And now let’s finish the presentation of the guest choirs. In the next newsletter we will present the “Circle Concerts” giving more details of this amazing and unique musical event!



S:t Jacobs Vocal Ensemble is a mixed choir consisting of 40 singers ages 20 to 32 from Stockholm. The majority of their concerts and activities are held in the church of St Jacob (Saint James) and in the Stockholm Cathedral. The choir gives special and diverse performances on stage that are firmly focused in the Swedish choral tradition. They believe that classical choral singing can develop in a modern and interesting direction without losing its unique qualities. Since it was founded, the choir has been conducted by Mikael Wedar, highly experienced in teaching choral singing – e.g. at Stockholm’s Musikgymnasium. S:t Jacobs Vocal Ensemble has weekly rehearsals, participates in Sunday services a number of times a year, gives concerts both in its own right and in collaboration with other musicians.



The Estudio Coral Meridies was formed in 2004 by Virginia Bono as an independent amateur artistic ensemble. Since its creation, Meridies (Latin word for “South”) has set as its goal as the intensive study of not just the vast choral repertoire but rather focusing on performing and premiering choral works by contemporary Argentinean and South American composers. Meridies has received recognition from both the public and from specialists for its rich sound, musicality and exquisite interpretations. For their good work and high level, the choir has become one of the most representative choirs of South-America and ambassador of its culture. Estudio Coral Meridies has recorded 3 CDs of Argentinian music and the choir has been recognized with numerous awards and distinctions.



St. Stanislav’s Girls’ Choir is one of the five choirs at the Diocesan Classical Gymnasium in Ljubljana (Slovenia). Singers are between the ages of 16 and 19. Since this is the school choir, each year one third of the choir changes. The choir fosters a very versatile repertoire from classical choral masterpieces of various periods, Slovenian contemporary compositions, vocal pop, and Slovenian folk songs and dances. They pride themselves on premiere performances of choral pieces written especially for them by contemporary Slovenian composers such as Damijan Močnik and Ambrož Čopi. They have received a number of gold plaques, first place awards and special honors in national and international competitions.

Pic1_WishfulSinging Patrick Post


Wishful Singing is a top-ranking international a cappella ensemble consisting of five young female singers from the Netherlands. Their repertoire covers all variety of styles. Whether performing a tranquil Renaissance harmony or a funky arrangement of a classic pop song, this quintet engages their audience through their powerful expression, and flawless vocal blend with humor and theatrical elements. The members of Wishful Singing aim to share their expertise and love of music by offering workshops to other choirs and ensembles and are actively involved in music education and recently developed an educational program that is designed to be spread over a number of years of primary school education. Wishful Singing members include Anne-Christine Wemekamp (S1), Maria Goetze (S2), Marjolein Verburg (Mz), Annemiek van der Ven (A1), Marjolein Stots (A2).


With these four choirs, we finish the presentation of the 24 selected choirs of the WSCM11. But, do you remember them all? Refresh your memory by watching their special invitation to you on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL