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Excellence and dedication of the World Youth Choir - an article by Tanja Rupnik

The World Youth Choir, one of the very finest youth international choirs, concluded this year's three-week session in Ljubljana. Throughout its 30-year history, it was the third time that they performed for the Slovenian audience, the first time being in 1999 and the second time in 2003. On July 23, 58 singers from 33 countries and 5 continents – “the chain of love”, as Gabor Móczár, the president of European Choral Association - EUROPA CANTAT, called the singers in his introductory speech – rounded off another highly successful story of this exceptional international project. The World Youth Choir had an amazing tour giving a total of 12 concerts in Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia in just 10 days. It is fascinating to see how Pad Zoltán and Ken Wakia, the conductors of the session, and some singers looked back after the last concert in Ljubljana. Please read the full article here:

Watch the best moments of the concerts under the following link: