News from the World Youth Choir Session 2017

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The Summer Session is getting nearer!

The summer session and tour of the World Youth Choir in 2017 will be organized in Pécs, Hungary, by the Zsolnay Heritage Management Nonprofit Ltd, the cultural holding of the city that hosted EUROPA CANTAT in 1988 and 2015. Following a 10 days intensive rehearsal session in Pécs (4-13 July) with two internationally renowned conductors, the World Youth Choir will start its tour of 12 concerts on 13 July at the Kodály Centre of Pécs in Hungary followed by concerts in Hungary (Budapest), Serbia (Sombor, Novi Sad, Belgrade), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Prijedor), Croatia (Osijek, a Dalmatian city, Opatija) and in Slovenia (Koper, Ljubljana). In the framework of the „Artist for Peace” theme there shall be strong emphasis on reconciliation among different ethnic groups and religions.
This year the choir will comprise of 58 singers from 33 countries all over the world and shall perform a repertoire of two different musical genres. Zoltán Pad from Hungary will conduct classical and contemporary pieces, folk arrangements and church music (Mendelssohn, Forte, Orbán, Kodály, Tajcevic), with a number of songs selected from the visited countries. Ken Wakia from Kenya will conduct African folk tunes, African-American spirituals, and contemporary world music (music by Shawn Kirchner, Jake Runestad, Michael Barrett and Ralf Schmitt, Allen Koepke, Stacey V. Gibbs, Leonard Cohen and Evan Powers).

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