“Yan zi/ The Swallow” Cross-cultural Choral Project ( 燕子)

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Video Information

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSPKiYWbO_gtwgJZWDgC27w

or https://youtu.be/05G0YEjcEIE

Performing Choirs: Hong Kong Children's Choir (Hong Kong) and Quintessential Vocal Ensemble (Newfoundland)

Title: Yan zi/The Swallow

Arranger: Dr. Jeanette Gallant

Conductor: Dr. Jeanette Gallant

Voices: SSATB, SSA

Instruments: String Quintet, Optional Piano Reduction

Sheet Musicwww.jeanettegallant.com/music

Genre: Folk/Ethnic, Multi-cultural/Cross-cultural

Project Description: This project mixes a folk song from China's Xinjiang province (called "Yan zi" 燕子 or little swallow} with the folk song "She's Like a Swallow" from Newfoundland, Canada. The piece - written for SSATB and string orchestra - was composed by Dr. Jeanette Gallant to serve as a model for choral educators of cross-cultural music-making. It is performed by Kathy Fok's Hong Kong Children's Choir and Susan Quinn's Quintessential Vocal Ensemble. For further information on the pedagogical possibilities of this piece please visit: www.jeanettegallant.com. 由Jeanette Gallant博士组成的合唱作品中,中国民间“燕子”和加拿大民歌“She’s Like the Swallow”混在了一起。