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Feb 28
World Choral EXPO: presentation of workshops
Published: Feb 28,2022

Here are some details on the workshops offered during the World Choral EXPO.


Brazilian Vocal Music (Ordinarius Vocal Group, Brazil)

Leaders: Augusto Ordine, musical director, and Maíra Martins, vocal percussionist.

Using interactive methods and activities, participants will experience Brazilian popular music with its unique vocal sounds, rhythms, and sonorities. A series of Ordinarius’ arrangements adapted for amateur choirs will be used in the workshop.


Sound Experience Using Arabic Tonalities (Mosaica Singers, Jordan)

Leaders: Nedy Muna and Mosaica Singers

Participants will experience one of Mosaica’s most popular performances: the choir surrounding the audience and performing in almost complete darkness. This placement of singers creates a warm acoustic, a ‘hug’, taking the audience on a warm intimate journey relying on sound alone. Singers will play around with oriental scales and tonalities, improvise melodic phrases, and create soundscapes that transport the audience through the power of voice.


A Taste of Jordanian Culture (Mosaica Singers, Jordan)

Leaders: Nedy Muna and Mosaica Singers

Using Mosaica’s Jordanian Medley, this workshop will provide a taste of Jordanian music, art, and culture. Using vocally-created oriental rhythms, participants will be immersed in Levantine culture and will learn the basics of Dabkeh, a folk dance from the Levant.



You Are the Light (Collective Singers, Namibia)

Leader: Ponti Dikuua and Collective Singers

Participants will learn a traditional Namibian song (Omuriro) in one of the country’s vernacular languages. As choreography and drumming/percussion are integral components to Namibian music, members of Collective Singers will teach the choreography of the song. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn the drumming on the djembe and to accompany the song with other percussion instruments.

IFCM International Choral Magazine

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