International Folk Song Festival


IFCM is cooperating with the Qiandongnan People's Government of Guizhou Province and is calling for choirs interested in joining the International Folk Song Festival in KailiGuizhou Province, from July 20-25, 2024. During five days, the participants will share their cultures, make friends and meet colleagues, and spread the love of choral folk songs to people around the world. 


  • Travel to and from Guangzhou or Guiyang covered by the choirs.
  • Cost for local accommodation, transportation, meals, as well as additional expenses such as sightseeing: 450 US Dollars per person

There are still a few opportunities for your choir, small group of singers or vocal ensemble to be selected and have all local cost covered! If you’re interested, please send the following material as soon as possible at

  • CV of the choir and conductor, pictures, contact details, links to recordings.


2017 Video

2018 Video




Day 1 (July 20)

Departure place → Guiyang airport pick-up

Departure place → Kaili high-speed rail station pick-up.

Check into the hotel.

(Stay in Kaili)


Day 2 (July 21)

Morning: Visit the world's largest Miao village cluster — Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, The village's melodious song "World Voices conference "

Welcome domestic and international teams,

Afternoon: Rehearsal

Evening: Exchange performances between domestic and international teams.

(Stay in Kaili)


Day 3 (July 22)

Visit the "Oriental Venice" — Zhenyuan ancient town, Singing and dancing on a boat ride on the Yang River, International and domestic team exchange performances, each team performing for 10-15 minutes.

(Stay in Zhenyuan)


Day 4 (July 23)

Drive 3 hours to the mysterious secluded tribe recorded in the Guinness World Records — Zhaoxing Dong Village, Witness the renowned Dong drum tower group art. The village's melodious song "World Voices conference " Opening ceremony performance. Select outstanding domestic and international teams for the performance.

(Stay in Zhaoxing)


Day 5 (July 24):

Morning: Visit the 500-million-year-old natural wonder — "Tianshengqiao Concert Hall", where the world's voices dialogue with Tiansheng Bridge, sharing the sounds of nature.

Afternoon: Return to the destination, concluding the joyful tour.


International Folk Song Choral Festival 2018 © Andrea Angelini 


For the 2018 China (Qiandongnan) International Folk Song Choral Festival and IFCM Voices Conference, these were the invited choirs:

  • The Asia Pacific Youth Choir (from numerous nations along the Asia Pacific Rim)
  • Le Chant sur la Lowé (Gabon)
  • Gioventù in Cantata (Italy)
  • The Ensemble Evergreen (Japan)
  • Coro Arturo Beruti (Argentina)
  • The Missouri State University Chorale (USA)

The local choirs were

  • The Zhongshan Choir
  • The Guilin LiangJiangSiHu Choir
  • The Zhongshan Seven Rainbows Choir
  • The Qiannan ShuiZuGuGe Choir
  • The Kaili Miao Language and Literature Base Choir
  • The Qiandongnan Prefecture Elderly University Women’s and Mixed Choirs
  • The Kaili Musicians’ Association Choir
  • The Kaili Cultural Centre FengHua Choir
  • The Qiandongnan Prefecture Elderly University QiYue Choir
  • The Kaili No. 10 Elementary School Children’s Choir
  • The MiaoLinHuiFeng Women’s Choir
  • The Ministry of Culture and Tourism Elderly Artists’ Choir
  • The Tianjin Binhai New Area Rainbow Teachers’ Choir
  • The China Agricultural University Student Choir
  • The Beijing Youth Choir
  • The Guizhou Literary Federation ShanYun Choir
  • The Qiandongnan QingShuiJiang Harmonic Choir
  • The Kaili City Choir
  • The Kaili University A’YangXin Choir
  • The Liping DongZuDaGe Choir
  • The Congjiang DongZuDaGe Choir
  • The Rongjiang DongZuDaGe Children’s Choir.



''...After an excellent meal shared by all of the choirs on the outskirts of the Leishan rice fields, the choirs travelled to the Liping Natural Bridge. This experience was unique in many ways. First, I was impressed by the beauty of the trail that led to this ancient natural bridge, with its vibrant forest and the couple of small caverns we found along the way. Then, we finally arrived at the stunning bridge, a 256-metre natural arch stretching over the Fulu River—the largest natural bridge in the world. During our visit, a local ensemble delighted us with several traditional folk tunes, including one sung from the river, which seemed to be a love song performed by a couple. Naturally, and given the special acoustic conditions of the area, the international choirs each spontaneously performed one song, making the moment a truly international exchange opportunity.'' Cristian Grases (ICB Volume XXXVI, Number 4).


Read more about the China (Qiandongnan) International Folk Song Choral Festival and IFCM Voices Conference in an article written by Cristian Grases in the International Choral Bulletin (October 2018)



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