World Choral Expo

The World Choral EXPO is a flagship project of the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM), which is dedicated to advancing choral music worldwide. 

The World Choral EXPO provides a unique opportunity for choral music lovers to discover new repertoire, explore new techniques, and gain insights into different cultures, styles, and genres. The project includes a series of comprehensive workshops, lectures, masterclasses, and showcases, concerts and joint rehearsals where ensembles can exchange, learn and preform.

The first World Choral EXPO was held in Macau in 2015 and was attended by over 1,000 participants from over 30 countries. Since then, the project has continued to expand, with subsequent editions held in Lisbon and Oeiras Portugal, in 2019 and 2022, respectively. The next edition of the World Choral EXPO is scheduled to take place in 2024.

One of the key objectives of the World Choral EXPO is to promote and celebrate diversity in choral music. The project features performances and workshops that showcase different choral traditions, including folk music, classical music, and contemporary music. Through these diverse offerings, the World Choral EXPO aims to inspire and enrich the choral community, fostering a deeper appreciation of the power of music to connect people and cultures.

In addition to its cultural and artistic contributions, the World Choral EXPO has a significant impact on the global choral music industry. The project offers an invaluable platform for choral music enthusiast to network, exchange ideas, and build relationships. 

In summary, the World Choral EXPO is a groundbreaking and transformative project that has the potential to revolutionize choral music as a global art form. Its commitment to excellence, inclusion, and diversity is at the heart of IFCM's mission, and it heralds a new era of innovation and collaboration in choral music.









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Downloadable documents
World Choral EXPO 2015 Program Book
World Choral EXPO 2022 Program Book
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