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In 2022, the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) celebrates its 40th Anniversary. During the past four decades, IFCM has aimed to facilitate communication and exchange amongst choral musicians worldwide through our Federation’s diverse projects. We have fulfilled our mission via the collective and collaborative work of our Board members, our Presidents, our partners, our member organizations, and, most importantly, our individual members. Since this anniversary year is significant for our Federation, we want to mark the 40th Anniversary by making IFCM more recognized and accessible throughout all regions of the world. At the same time, we want to support our loyal members as they nurture and develop choral music, and choral life in general, in their countries and regions.


Creating Futures in Choral Music

In 2022, in the frame of its 40th Anniversary, IFCM launched the campaign ‘Creating Futures in Choral Music’ and, thanks to the generosity of donors, was able to give a free two-year membership to hundreds of young members under the age of 35, from around the world. This campaign is still going on successfully, so IFCM wants to do more!


A review of our membership during the past decades indicates that most of our members are professional choral musicians coming from countries with a positive Human Development Index (HDI). Conductors, composers, singers, managers, and administrators from countries where the HDI is not so favorable sometimes find it difficult to invest in a membership. In response, IFCM wants to waive the age limit of the program ‘Creating Futures in Choral Music and offer a two-year membership to ALL choral lovers from HDI 2 and 3 countries.

And we still need your help!


How can you get involved in this program?

  • By donating, no matter the amount, your contribution is highly appreciated!
  • By sharing this link with musicians from HDI 2 and 3 countries so that they can apply to become a sponsored member for two years.
  • By sharing this link with young musicians under the age of 35 worldwide so that they can apply to become a sponsored member for two years.

New members will have access to all the benefits that IFCM membership provides. IFCM will work tirelessly to provide products and services that will make them want to remain IFCM members for many years to come.


For donations or individualized supports, please download and fill the form here or contact us at office@ifcm.net.

Are you a choral musician from HDI 2 and 3 countries or under the age of 35 who would like to benefit from this program, please apply here or download the application form and send it back to office@ifcm.net. An IFCM Committee will review your application.

IFCM International Choral Magazine

Official magazine of the International Federation for Choral Music, the International Choral Magazine is published quarterly in the four official languages of IFCM: English, French, German and Spanish. It is distributed in more than 80 countries on the five continents and is the official voice of choral music around the world.

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Global Choral Calendar

Our focus at the moment is to unite the choral calendars of international choral organisations. Meanwhile please consult the calendar of choral events published by the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat here.

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