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Jun 29
World Youth Choir Session 2018 in Inner Mongolia, China, in July
Published: Jun 29,2018

This summer the Asia Pacific Choral Development Foundation in cooperation with the Inner Mongolia Bureau of National Art Troupes will present the 2018 World Youth Choir (WYC), July 4-25, celebrating the first time a WYC session has been held in Inner Mongolia, China. The rehearsal session (July 4-10) will be in Hohhot, during which time there will be a series of open rehearsals. The tour includes concerts in Erdos City (July 11-12), Hohhot (July 13, the Belt & Road Choral Festival Opening Ceremony), and Bao Tou City (July 14). The choir will return to Hohhot to perform in the Belt & Road Choral Festival (July 16 with the Inner Mongolia Youth Choir and all foreign choirs participating and July 17 in the Closing Ceremony). The singers will then travel to Beijing where they will perform at the Opening Ceremony of China’s 14th International Chorus Festival. During the festival the choir will participate in various performances within the festival including concerts and workshops with both local and international choirs. The 2018 WYC conductors are Helene Stureborg (Sweden) and Jonathan Velasco (Philippines).

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