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News from America Cantat 9 and Programme Brochures to download
Published: Aug 30,2018

Panama, 6-13 April 2019

A 10-day program with singers, directors, and choirs from all over the world for the first time on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, in the beautiful city of Panama, 2019 Ibero-American Cultural Capital of the World in celebration of its 500-year foundation anniversary.

Workshop leaders 2019: Electra Isabel Castillo  (Panama), Nuria Fernández Herranz  (Spain), María Guinand  (Venezuela), Jorge Ledezma Bradley  (Panama), Paulo Malaguti Pauleira  (Panama), Gerardo Rábago (Mexico), Jan Schumacher (Germany), Virginia Bono (Argentina), Patricia Vlieg (Panama), Camilo Esteban Matta  (Argentina), Erick Parris (USA), Freddy Lafont Mena  (Colombia), Carlos Alberto Figueiredo  (Brazil), Alina Orraca (Cuba)

Download the Brochure in Spanish

Download the Brochure in English



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