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New Home for IFCM Office
Published: Nov 26,2018

Exciting news! In early 2019, IFCM will have a new home in Lisbon, Portugal. The main office of IFCM will be located in the Palacete dos Condes de Monte Real, a palace built in the early 20th century in the Lapa district. Located at Rua de Buenos Aires 39, in an area known for its palaces and embassies, this special facility is being renovated by Emily Kuo Vong, IFCM President, to become a cultural centre for music and the arts... especially choral music. The palace is described as a “romantic building conjugating both the neo-baroque and the neo-rococó”. With floors of Brazilian wood and ceilings decorated with boiseries and trompe l’oeil technique, the walls are covered with beautiful blue and white ceramic tiles (azulejos) from the Monastery of Rato which was destroyed after the earthquake in 1755. Complete with a chapel, a large terrace and courtyard, and two professional kitchens (Portuguese and Chinese), the facility holds extraordinary potential for IFCM!

The opening of the palace is scheduled for mid-February when the IFCM Board of Directors will have its first meeting in our new home. In the summer of 2019, an IFCM World Choral Expo will be held in Lisbon (July 27-31, 2019). Some of the events will be held in the palace, including a performance by the World Youth Choir and a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the World Youth Choir.

Congratulations to Emily Kuo Vong for her brilliant vision and concept design.

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Our focus at the moment is to unite the choral calendars of international choral organisations. Meanwhile please consult the calendar of choral events published by the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat here.

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