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Oct 08
Further information on World Symposium on Choral Music 2023 Doha, Qatar
Published: Oct 08,2019

One of the largest and most significant IFCM projects, World Symposium on Choral Music (WSCM), is entering its final preparations for 2020. Next summer (July 11-18, 2020), the central focus of the international choral community will be in Auckland, New Zealand. At the moment, all choral eyes and ears are turned on New Zealand in anticipation of the extraordinary gathering they are planning. In the meantime, IFCM has already begun preparations for the next edition of WSCM in 2023.

As published on our website, a decision has been made, and the WSCM 2023 will be in Qatar, Doha. During IFCM Board meetings in Lisbon this past July, several bids were considered for the next WSCM. In the end, the Board made a decision that we feel will affect not only our choral colleagues in this part of the world but the global choral community in general. Qatar is a developing country that is growing very quickly in every possible way. During the last couple of years, choral life in this country has increased dramatically, and the need for choral development in this part of the world has grown significantly. The Qatar bidders (local choral organizers) pointed out that the opportunity for hosting WSCM in Qatar will be a benefit not only for this country and its choirs but also opportunity for the whole Middle East and Central Asia. During the bidding process itself, logistical challenges were carefully examined; IFCM, together with the Qatari team, will find the best possible solution for them in the coming months.

IFCM, in its mission statement, Aims to give every citizen of the world the opportunity to access choral music as an Art form and Fosters development in choral music worldwide. Following this mandate, the Board made a decision that we believe will bring value and benefit to Middle East, Central Asia and whole international choral community. 

Our beliefs have been confirmed with the recent statement from Ms. Jennifer Taynen, Secretary and Head of the Executive Committee of WSCM 2023:

"It is impossible to adequately convey the excitement and energy that Qatar's selection for the 2023 WSCM has unleashed in our Qatari choral community, and in choral communities across the Middle East. Bringing the WSCM to Qatar is already opening doors and opportunities (legal status for associations, opportunities to grow our audiences and participation, performances, and visibility, just to mention some) that we could only have dreamed of a few years ago. The team behind the 2023 WSCM is entirely volunteer, and their dedication to the cause of choral music is what has propelled the whole project forward. Our new found partnership with the international choral world is already bringing about meaningful positive change for us here in Qatar. We hope that the world's partnership with us will give back in equal measure. After all, wouldn't you agree that the best way to bring about connection is through music, and the best way to bring about understanding is through engagement? We look forward to meeting you and the international choral community in New Zealand next summer!"

If you have any further questions or concerns about WSCM 2023, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We all look forward to welcoming you next summer at the forthcoming WSCM2020 in Auckland, New Zealand, where you will have the chance to meet also the Qatari Organizing Team.

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