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Feb 11
Update on the First Africa Cantat Festival, Nairobi, Kenya, 22-29 August 2020
Published: Nov 29,2019

During this inaugural Africa Cantat, three-hour workshops will be presented by guest conductors. The repertoire of each workshop will be performed during the final festival concert. The Africa Cantat programme will take you on an exciting musical safari through various cultural areas, repertoires and choral practices around the world under the direction of the following conductors:

  • Andre Thomas (USA) : Understanding and performing the Negro Spirituals
  • Jennifer Tham (Singapore) : Connecting continents – a musical journey
  • Sergio Sansão (Brazil) : Brazil-Africa, a musical bridge
  • Ambroise Kua Nzambi Toko (DR Congo) : Enjoy a musical boat ride into the waters of equatorial Africa
  • Jan Schumacher (Germany) : Romantic sounds: A journey into the soul of Romantic choral music from Europe
  • Lynn Williams (Australia) : Sounds of Australia
  • Jean Benoit Bakhoum (Senegal) : A musical gateway with the rhythms of French -speaking African countries
  • Jean-Marie Puissant (France) : Famous opera choruses, like a fresh dew
  • Sylvester Otieno (Kenya) : Muziki Wetu: the typical Kenyan choral experience­

For more information, visit the Africa Cantat website or contact the festival directly via email.

Come to Nairobi and enjoy the rich diversity of choral music from different regions in Africa and other countries worldwide! Jambo Kenya!

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