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Feb 25
A World Filled With Love | The Whole Choral World Praying for China (video)
Published: Feb 25,2020

Twists and turns are a part of life and setbacks often happen, however, strong people always choose to face rainstorms and go through rough ways. Facing the terrible outbreaks of Coronavirus, all the kind-hearted and brave people all over the world reach each other with singing, encouraging each other with hopes, and warming each other with love. Therefore, Mrs. Emily Kuo Vong, President of the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM), created and launched this meaningful video, and the International Cultural Center of Monte Real in Portugal joined hands with IFCM to call on all the friends from the whole choral community across the world to pass their best wishes to China.

On behalf of the whole choral world, many famous conductors from different countries sent their warmest greetings and best wishes to Chinese people in different languages. Prof. Tian Xiaobao and Ms. Hu Manxue contributed to the video as well as the Shenzhen Lily Girls Choir sang a beautiful song for the video. We appreciate all the support to Chinese people, and we are singing a common song from the bottom of our hearts to inspire people in Wuhan to keep strong, to wish China to get better soon.

Whether we know each other or not, our hearts will forever stay in solidarity. No matter where you are, we all have the same dream, filling the world with love.






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