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Sep 30
World Choral Day 2020: Celebrating 30th Anniversary
Published: Sep 30,2020

We are all thir(s)ty for singing!

In 2020 one of IFCM’s most significant projects, World Choral Day, will celebrate its 30th anniversary. In addition to the special commemoration, this year's edition will be even more distinctive due to the international coronavirus pandemic. Around the world, Covid-19 has had an enormous impact on traditional in-person choral concerts and even singing together in many countries. We believe that, instead of cancelling another choral project, World Choral Day 2020 provides an extraordinary opportunity for the choral world to demonstrate its unity and solidarity in celebrating the joy of collective singing. Choral ensembles throughout the world are encouraged to join this global initiative to keep alive the 30-year tradition of World Choral Day.

As previously communicated in our "Save the Date" message, this year the entire month of December will be dedicated to World Choral Day. We are keenly aware of the current worldwide situation and know that, for many, it is challenging to find ways to perform ‘normal’ choral activities due to regulations designed to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Therefore, we are adding multiple options for joining the 2020 celebration to ensure that everyone can find the right possibility for their ensemble(s), even if opportunities for singing together are limited. 


How can you join World Choral Day in 2020?

1. Traditional concert. If it is possible to hold traditional concerts in your country, please register your planned event on the website. After your registration has been processed, we will create an event subpage for your concert and contact you directly about uploading content to the page.

2. Virtual concert. If it is not possible to hold traditional concerts in your country, it is still possible to join World Choral Day with a fully- or partially-recorded concert in which the proclamation is read. You might even consider a live broadcast in a modified format, i.e., a performance with no audience, recorded in an empty concert hall or rehearsal space.

3. Virtual choir video. If it is not possible to meet physically and sing together, you can create a virtual choir video in which the World Choral Day logo is added and the proclamation is read or inserted.

4. Video from a previous performance. If options 1, 2, or 3 are not feasible, you can participate in World Choral Day 2020 by sending a recording from a previous performance (from 1 January 2019 onwards). In order to participate with a previously-recorded video, you will need to edit the video and insert the World Choral Day logo and proclamation.

With each option, please make sure to register your event and/or your plan. 

Join us in the thir(s)tiest year for singing!

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