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New International Research Study for Members of Choirs, Choruses, and Singing Groups
Published: Mar 31,2021

Introducing a new study which explores participation in choirs and singing groups

A new study exploring participation in collective singing groups is being coordinated by Kerry Boyle and Lynn Revell at Canterbury Christ Church University (UK). Choirs and singing groups around the world are invited to share an online survey with their members in order that the experience of participants in a wide range of cultures and contexts can be studied.

The research project investigates why people sing in choirs and what the experience of singing has been during the Covid-19 pandemic. If choirs have not had rehearsals during this period, singers will have the opportunity to identify the aspects of singing together that they have missed. If choirs have held online rehearsals during the pandemic, the researchers would like to know what this experience was like.

Responses will help the researchers develop an understanding of the most important aspects of singing in choirs and groups for those involved. This knowledge can then be used to enhance existing approaches to singing in groups as well as providing a sense of the range of activities available.

To participate in the study, choir members will need to complete an online survey which also features an invitation for individual case study volunteers. The survey should take no more than 12 minutes to complete, and all responses will be anonymous. Conductors are encouraged to share this survey link with their choir members. Deadline: August 2021.

If you would like more information about the study, please contact Kerry Boyle.



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