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Sep 29
News from the World Symposium on Choral Music 2023: Return to Live Performances in Qatar
Published: Sep 29,2021

World Symposium on Choral Music, Doha, Qatar, 29 December 2023 – 5 January 2024

Qatar Foundation leads the return to live performances in Qatar

As Covid infection rates fall in Qatar, there is a tentative return to a normal cultural life in the country. Indoor performances remain complicated, but carefully regulated outdoor concerts are a safer option and a welcome diversion for concert-starved Qataris and Qatar residents.

Qatar Foundation, with its mandate to support health, education, the arts, and community development, has long been at the heart of many of the cultural institutions and community events in Qatar. The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, Qatar Music Academy, WISE Summit, numerous sporting events, Education City’s eight international university campuses, medical research facilities, and much more all fall under Qatar Foundation’s umbrella. And now, as of 2021, Qatar Foundation is looking to add an annual performing arts festival to its calendar.

Details are coming together quickly, fueled by the enthusiasm of Qatar’s various cultural groups, clubs, schools, and organizations that have been unable to take to the stage for more than a year. Scheduled for the last week in November, the festival will be hosted within the university campuses and parks of Education City. Multiple stages set up in central outdoor locations will offer the public easy access to the performances, and local performers of all ages, backgrounds, and levels will have a chance to present their latest projects and programs. Drama, dance, instrumental music, and, of course, choral performances are all on the program.

Aljazi Al-Henzab, project manager for Qatar Foundation’s Community Development programs and a member of the WSCM 2023-24 Planning Committee, is managing the logistics for this event and is enthusiastic about the project. “With complete shut downs for so many cultural activities and groups over the last eighteen months, this is a much-needed opportunity to celebrate the musicians and artists in our community and to raise awareness in the broader public of the diverse and exciting ways they can participate in the arts. This year will be modest, but we hope to build this into an annual event that not only highlights existing talent but also inspires new talent to develop.”

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