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Dec 12
World Choral Day 2021, Hope and Healing, 12 December 2021
Published: Nov 01,2021

This year, the World Choral Day (WCD) will be celebrated not only on or around 12 December 2021, but also during the entire month of December. 

How to join?

  1. Live Traditional concert. If it is possible to hold traditional concerts in your country, please register your planned event on the website.
  2. Live Virtual concert. If it is not possible to hold traditional concerts in your country, it is still possible to join World Choral Day with either a fully- or partially-recorded concert wherein the WCD proclamation is read. You might even consider a live broadcast format. (i.e., a performance with no audience, recorded in an empty concert hall or rehearsal space.)
  3. Virtual choir video. If it is not possible to meet physically and sing together, you can create a virtual choir video in which the World Choral Day logo is added and the proclamation is read or inserted.
  4. Video from a previous performance. You may participate in World Choral Day 2021 by sending a recording from a previous performance (recorded from 1 January 2020 onwards). In order to participate with a previously-recorded video, you will need to edit the video and insert the World Choral Day logo and proclamation.
  5. Individual Reciting the WCD Proclamation. For individuals who wish to take part in this year’s celebration, you may record yourself on video while reciting the World Choral Day proclamation in your own language!

Download the new WCD booklet for all you need to know about registering. The booklet also includes the WCD Proclamation in 35 languages.



Watch and listen to IFCM board members and staff read the WCD Proclamation in their own language. Check them out here

Share these videos of the WCD Proclamation through your own social media networks. As well, we invite you to record the Proclamation in your own language and send it to us so that we can possibly feature you on the WCD FB page!

Submit your video here.



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