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Europa Cantat Junior: the famous children’s choir festival travels to Vilnius in July 2022
Published: Dec 02,2021

Vilnius, Lithuania is THE place to be for children’s choirs and their conductors this summer! Europa Cantat Junior, a festival for children and youth choirs with singers under 18, will take place on 15-24 July 2022. The organizers, Lithuanian National Culture Centre and European Choral Association, are inviting choirs to come and meet a nation that lives and breathes choral music, fall in love with the green Vilnius and enjoy finally being back on track! It is possible to come to the festival without any preparation whatsoever, which makes it perfect for the after-pandemic come-back.

We all like to sing – and we have a lot of fun doing it. Scientists around the world are saying that it’s not only fun to sing – it’s also good for you! Europa Cantat Junior invites participants to come and explore ways in which singing can make you feel better and be smarter. Subtitled “Smart Singing”, the festival in Vilnius will explore the nature of sound and the benefits of making music. Participants will be able to perfectly tailor their participation to their after-pandemic needs: if you don’t have a lot of opportunities to rehearse, you can choose and A or B level atelier that you don’t need to prepare for at all; if you would like to start building up the excitement early, you can choose a C level atelier and start learning its music at home; if you’re coming with very young singers, you can participate in a shorter atelier!

Europa Cantat Junior Vilnius will feature: 8 ateliers with world-class conductors and a spectacular final concert, choir-to-choir concerts in Vilnius baroque Old Town, Creative Labs where singers will explore music through science and other art forms, Open Singing with Tom Johnson and a Study Tour with Marleen Annemans.

More information:

  • Registration opens: 5 January 2022
  • Registration closes: 28 February 2022


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