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Dec 29
World Choral Expo 2022, Lisbon, Portugal: Meet the Invited Choirs
Published: Dec 29,2021

Lisbon, Portugal, 3-7 September 2022

The best is yet to come and it will be in Lisbon, Portugal in September this year!

Why should you join with your choir or vocal ensemble?

  • How about to meet and work with some of the best choirs in the world? Kammerchor Stuttgart (Germany), Ordinarius (Brazil), Aarhus Girls Choir (Denmark), Cantemus Youth Choir (Moldova), Collective Singers (Namibia), Incantare (Argentina), Maze (the Netherlands), Mosaica Singers (Jordan), Portland State Chamber Choir (USA), Shallaway Youth Choir (Canada).
  • How about the participation fee? One or two performances especially organized for your choir or vocal ensemble; common workshops with the invited choirs where you can exchange, sing, and perform; the EXchange! program organized by the The Singing Network with more than 50 choral presentations - all this for a participation fee of 350 Euros for the entire choir, conductor(s), accompanists, staff, and chaperons (15 singers and more) and 250 Euros for the entire vocal ensemble (from 2 to 15 singers).

Special offer for choirs and vocal ensembles from Portugal: FREE participation!

Don’t wait any longer, register your choir or vocal ensemble now!


Not able to come with your choir? Come as an individual and get full access to the entire WCE 2022 program for only 150 Euros. Students with proof of status only pay 100 Euros.

Special offer for individuals and students from Portugal: 50% discount!

Why wait? Register as an individual now!


As promised in our previous newsletter, each month the IFCMeNEWS will feature one or two of the choirs invited to the World Choral EXPO 2022.



The female choir, Incantare, was founded in 2016 in Córdoba, Argentina, with Natalia Vadillo as conductor. Since its founding, the choir’s repertoire and programming best illustrates its mission and artistic goals. The choir’s first program featured Basque contemporary composers, followed by a second program of Argentinian folklore arranged by Cordovan composers. Repertoire from these two concerts comprised the programming for their first international tour (Uruguay, 2016). In 2017, Incantare performed Los Juegos (Argentinian folk rhythm songs) with music by Norberto Ambrós, lyrics by Hamlet Lima Quintana, and arranged by Carlos Alberto Flores. In 2018, they performed a Baltic music concert and the première performance in South America of Misa Folk by Laura Jekabsone. In 2019, Incantare presented De pájaros y flores, a concert dedicaded to composers from all times ranging from the Renaissance to the present. In 2020, they prepared the following concerts: De Película (pieces from films of all times), Por Amor (commissioned works composed or arranged especially for Incantare), Canticum Novum (sacred pieces from the 20th and 21st centuries), and Concierto V Aniversario (works by Basque contemporary composers).





Aarhus Girls Choir (Aarhus Pigekor) consists of 30 young female singers from Aarhus Music School (Aarhus, Denmark). Founded in the 1940s, the choir changed its name in 2002 to coincide with a shift in direction and goals, which included a higher musical ambition. Since then, Aarhus Girls Choir has toured internationally, including Europe, USA, South Africa, China, Argentina, and Canada. At home, the choir collaborates regularly with the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and The Danish National Opera. During the past two decades, Aarhus Girls Choir has participated in numerous prestigious international choral competitions, winning gold medals and first prizes at International Choral Kathaumixw (Canada), Let the Peoples Sing (European Broadcast Union), and World Choir Games (Latvia and South Africa). Helle Høyer Vedel, a prominent and highly-acclaimed conductor in the Danish choral community, initiated the choir’s change in mission in 2002. Under her leadership, the choir achieved its many successes at competitions while also performing at large events across Denmark, recording several CDs, and commissioning many pieces for the choir. The choir has enjoyed a long and significant collaboration with choreographer Panda van Proosdij, leading to the development of a special focus on musical expression using movements to support musical ideas. In 2021, Birgitte Næslund Madsen became the conductor of Aarhus Girls Choir.



WCE EXchange!

Over 70 proposal submissions from 10 countries were received for the EXchange! component of the World Choral EXPO 2022. The selections committee has offered invitations for 55 presentations. A list of confirmed acceptances will be available in late January 2022. The EXchange! promises to be a professional opportunity that you do not want to miss. 


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