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Jul 27
Leading Voices: a new European choral music event in Utrecht
Published: Feb 08,2022

From 27-31 July 2022 Utrecht will host a brand new event: Leading Voices, European Days for Vocal and Choral Leaders. This new European choral music event with over 80 sessions and over 50 speakers offers a platform for professionals in choral music.

Leading Voices gives choral music professionals a unique platform for inspiration, co-creation, exchanging knowledge, experiencing and for expanding their network. Workshops, experimental sessions, lectures and repertoire sessions during the day offer a wide range of topics relevant to conductors, vocal leaders, music teachers, composers, artistic directors and managers. The days end with concerts of leading ensembles and choirs from England, Italy, Latvia and France, among others.

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Future of choral music

The central theme of Leading Voices is the future of choral music: how do we ensure that singing together remains relevant from an artistic and a social perspective in the future? The event therefore offers plenty of attention to projects in which singing together is used for social goals and themes. Speakers who offer an unusual perspective on singing together have also been invited. 


Side programme

There is also a side programme for amateur choirs and singers, with workshops and ateliers. In addition, there will be open singings at various locations in Utrecht, focusing on the joy of singing together. Amateur choirs will also be given the opportunity to perform.


Ticket sales

A pass-partout ticket for the main programme is available until 1 April at a reduced price. Tickets for the side programme will be available from March. Individual ticket sales for the concerts will start in early July. 


Europa Cantat 2009

Leading Voices is the successor of the successful EUROPA CANTAT festival which took place in Utrecht in 2009. At that time Utrecht established its name as a city of choirs and choral music. Back then, ZIMIHC and the European Choral Association were at the basis of this event, as they are now with Leading Voices. 

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