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Mar 29
Musica International: Using Choral Resources to Respond to the War in Ukraine
Published: Mar 29,2022

In the current awful climate of war, many of us are feeling the need to use music as a means of showing solidarity and support for Ukraine.

There are many ways of doing this through choral music. With its 200 000 data items, the Musica International database has information about more suitable scores than can possibly be listed here. This is especially true if you are inventive in your searching. Here is some advice to help you home in on the very best scores for this theme, followed by a few examples resulting from our own searches.

Click HERE to go straight to the Musica International website with the full and unlimited benefit of IFCM member privileges across all areas of the site (change language if necessary).

Depending on how complex you want your searches to be, you can either consult the database direct via the rapid search form on the homepage, or click on ‘More criteria’to navigate to a more detailed search form.

First a quick summary of some search results:

  • searching for 'Ukraine' in any ‘Country of all kinds’ field (composer, author of text, publisher) gives 407 hits.
  • searching for ‘peace’ in the ‘Keyword, Word of title…’ field gives 8 305 hits.
  • searching for ‘freedom’ in the ‘Keyword, Word of title…’ field gives 1031hits.
  • searching for‘mercy’ in the ‘Keyword, Word of title…’ field gives 2 364 hits.

Go on, try searching for your own keywords.

Obviously it is better to narrow your search by combining several criteria. For example, ‘peace’ and ‘Ukraine’ together give 37 hits. Other additional criteria you could try might include ‘Language’, ‘Type of choir’, etc.

Searching as described above suggests several scores. For example:

It goes without saying that searching like this is perfect for putting together a programme on any theme you choose.

One final reminder: Musica International is a collaborative project that welcomes all contributions to enrich the database and new volunteers to help with inputting. Just contact


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