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May 27
World Choral EXPO 2022: YOUNG
Published: May 27,2022

In the framework of World Choral EXPO 2022, IFCM has created a program for young choral managers. YOUNG Youth International Management Program aims to give ten selected young individuals from all over the world an opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge and skills in the international cultural field by working closely with the WCE organising team. Building on the success of the YEMP program (Young Event Management Program) which the European Choral Association has organised for many years as part of Europa Cantat and the fact that IFCM currently has three employees who are former YEMPers, we want to provide an opportunity for young choral organisers from across the globe to gain experience on the spot as well as invest in the future of IFCM.

IFCM is happy to report 35 applications were received for this inaugural program. Representation from multiple countries reflected our international membership: Philippines (6); Russia (3); Estonia, German, Hungary, Latvia, Thailand (2); Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iran, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Morocco, Portugal, Turkey, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine, USA (1).

From the 35 applicants, the Selection Committee chose 10 that best fit the WCE program, those with motivation and the necessary skills in order to benefit from the YOUNG program. The committee also considered geographical and gender representation. Prior experiences were important, but the committee was also looking for young people willing to learn and share their knowledge.

The selected 2022 YOUNGs are:

  • Aleksandra Āboliņa, Latvia
  • Pauline Therese Arejola, Philippines
  • Anna Bobrikova, Finland/Russia
  • Valerie Konings, Belgium
  • Jovana Kuzmanović, Serbia
  • Tisa Mrhar, Slovenia
  • Farzad Omidi, Iran
  • Anna Palcsó, Hungary
  • Pichatorn Sopachitwattana, Thailand
  • Frida Zarrán Vallesi, Argentina/Italy

Congratulations to these individuals and a big thank you to all who applied. We will certainly keep you in mind for future projects.


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