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Oct 31
World Choral Expo: YOUNG program survey
Published: Oct 31,2022

In the framework of World Choral EXPO 2022 (WCE), IFCM has created a program for young choral managers: YOUNG Youth International Management Program. Selected in May 2022 from a pool of 35 applicants, ten young managers attended pre-WCE roundtables and seminars during which they learned about the multiple and varied aspects of preparing and managing a cultural event. Here is what they say about this program:

Great opportunity to learn about event management at all possible levels.

It was a great honor to be part of it! I would recommend it to everyone who has ambitions to organize a choral event.

It was an amazing experience - both professionally and personally. It is a great opportunity for young people to widen their horizons, learn to work in an international team, and improve their skills. We made a great team and group of friends.

I think it is very useful and successful especially for attaining the goal of empowering the young generation to continue the success and development of managing cultural events. Very good program. Maybe a wrap-up bonding day/activity would have also been nice. I did not expect that by the end of the two weeks, we would consider each other as family.

I think this program is a good opportunity for young managers to try themselves out in an internationally very broad team, to experience and gain cultural and organizational problem-solving skills outside the comfort zone of their own country.

It is a great program that offers opportunities to all cultural managers of all levels - from students to those who already worked in this sector and somehow this combination works very well.

I think it´s very important to give the opportunity to young people who are studying or don´t have much experience to be able to learn how to actually work on the field and also to help them know and show what they´re capable of. I feel that a generational change is happening within the IFCM, so I believe it’s important to meet and train different young people to be part of its future.

I think it's an excellent opportunity for young people to learn how to manage and work in a festival as a team. And, on the other hand, this program can be a great help for a festival.

Just amazing. Amazing idea, opportunity, experience, people.

There is no doubt that IFCM will continue the YOUNG program. Stay tuned for more details on the next session!


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