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Feb 27
Musica International: Manage your holdings directly in Musica International database
Published: Feb 27,2023

Do you have an extensive collection of choral scores? Do you manage easily to find your way around the collection? Do you have sufficient information on each piece in your current catalogue?

The good news is that you can use Musica International database, already rich with 200,000 references, to locate your own scores and benefit from a full academic description of each work at any time. The directories/folders (fields) you create will then be visible and available to you as well as to those authorized by you who use Musica.

How does it work?

  1. Contact to get access to the ‘private fields’ function.
  2. Find the record describing a score in your collection at
  3. Click ‘Edit’ and go to your ‘Private Fields’.
  4. Indicate in which section or on which shelf you wish to locate the score.
  5. Repeat points 2 to 4 ad libitum.

The result: Without effort, you now have a catalogue of your scores manageable with all the functions of a professional database and overflowing with all the necessary information on each piece: composer, title, voicing, difficulty, genre, tonality, duration, keywords, multimedia features, etc.

Furthermore, if a score from your collection is not referenced yet in the Music database, you can add the score’s description to the database, thus contributing to development of Music International database worldwide.


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