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Update on America Cantat 10
Published: Mar 28,2023

The America Cantat 10 festival will take place in the City of La Plata, Argentina (capital of the Province of Buenos Aires), 11-15 October 2023. We will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first version of America Cantat which was held in Mar del Plata, Argentina, in 1992.

Those who join this celebration will be able to choose between several workshops:

  • Silvio, a workshop dedicated to the works of Silvio Rodríguez with choral arrangements by Eduardo Ferraudi and presented by Digna Guerra (Cuba)
  • The Voice of the Rainbow, a workshop for children’s choirs presented by Elisenda Carrasco (Spain)
  • Contemporary American Music, presented by Cecilia Espinosa (Colombia)
  • Popular Brazilian and Uruguayan Music, presented by Federico Trinidad (Brazil/Uruguay)
  • American Music with African Roots, presented by Mabel Troia (Venezuela)
  • Carnaval de los Andes, presented by composer Camilo Matta with some sections presented by Viviana Bognar (Argentina)
  • Utopia, an overview of the Renaissance and Baroque movements and Spanish and Latin American Baroque music presented by Leonardo Garcia Alarcon (Argentina)

In addition to the workshops, lectures on styles and rehearsal techniques will be offered by:

  • Roberto Saccente (Argentina)
  • José María Sciutto (Italy/Argentina)

Participants will enjoy concerts by prestigious choirs such as the Coral Femenino de San Justo, conducted by Roberto Saccente, and the Coro Nacional de Música Argentina, conducted by Guillermo Tesone.

All choirs participating in America Cantat 10 which wish to give concerts will be able to do so in various halls at the festival’s location in the city of La Plata or in Buenos Aires.

More details here.

Register here.

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