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Mar 28
Musica International at the World Symposium on Choral Music 2023 in Istanbul
Published: Mar 28,2023

Four reasons to visit Musica International’s stand at the EXPO:

1.     Discover the functionalities and the recent developments of Musica International. Find out how a virtual multilingual multimedia database is essential for you, get an on-the-spot demonstration, and ask technical and/or musical questions.

2.     Build a partnership. Discover membership options for your choral federation, your music library, information center, or publishing company and discuss potential common win-win projects.

3.     Contribute to the database of the world’s choral repertoire. Musica International is a collaborative project. Bring in your favorite score, have it referenced in Musica, and find out how to create a descriptive record of a score in the database. Give your voice to a choral piece in your native language by making an on-the-spot recording of its pronunciation. Point out an omission, suggest a translation, and much more.

4.     Meet the Musica team. Come greet Jean, Pierre-Luc, and Anastasia, the team members who are working behind the scenes of Musica International. A personal contact is always helpful and pleasant, isn’t it?

What if you are not going to make it to the World Symposium this time? Visit regularly or, if you are an IFCM member, use the privileged access through the IFCM website ( or through your choral federation website, if available. You can also participate in a Musica workshop in autumn ( and/or you can always contact Musica at for any questions or ideas.


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