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Mar 28
The Asia Pacific Youth Choir Goes to Penang Island, Malaysia, in 2023
Published: Mar 28,2023

The Asia Pacific Choral Council Working Committee and its coordinators, Yoshi Egawa, Jennifer Tham, and Susanna Saw from the host organisation, are very happy to announce that the Asia Pacific Youth Choir (APYC 2023) will be held in Penang Island, Malaysia, 16-23 July 2023.

The 32 young talented singers who were selected in 2020 will join the session. Chi Hoe Mak (Malaysia) and Tracy Wong (Malaysia/Canada) will lead the choir.

If you are a singer from the Asia Pacific region and you want to participate in a APYC session, the next recruitment will be organized next year. The dates will be announced on IFCM website, IFCMeNEWS, and social media. Stay in touch and don’t miss the opportunity.


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