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Jun 29
Musica International Celebrates Anniversaries
Published: Jun 29,2023

Anticipate great composers’ anniversaries with the help of Musica International 

Musica International (, a multimedia collaborative database of the world’s choral repertoire, publishes a comprehensive list of all composers cited in Musica having a jubilee (100, 150, 200, 250 years, etc.) anniversary during the current year and the following three years. This represents hundreds of composers for each of these years.

You can find the complete list of the composers’ major anniversaries here:

Thus, for 2023, there are 427 major birthday anniversaries and 253 major death anniversaries, available to all users of the Musica database. The information on the composers’ jubilees for 2024-2026 is accessible if you benefit from a privileged access to Musica. This is the case globally for all the members of IFCM, as well as for those of multiple national choral federations, through the members section of their websites (for instance for IFCM members).

Here are some well-known composers having a jubilee in 2024:

Birthday anniversaries

Anton Bruckner
, 200th birthday (born on September 4, 1824)

Gustav Holst, 150th birthday (born on September 21, 1874)

Charles Ives, 150th birthday (born on October 20, 1874)

Arnold Schönberg, 150th birthday (born on September 13, 1874)


Death anniversaries

Guillaume Dufay
, 500th death anniversary (died on November 27, 1474)

Gabriel Fauré, 100th death anniversary (died on November 4, 1924)

Giacomo Puccini, 100th death anniversary (died on November 29, 1924)

Darius Milhaud, 50th death anniversary (died on June 22, 1974)



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