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Musica International: Let's Get Emotional!
Published: Aug 28,2023


During the World Symposium on Choral Music 2023 in İstanbul, Jean Sturm, Executive Director of Musica International (, presented "Building a concert program using online choral resources: the Musica project". Interesting questions came up, such as "Can I search for sad pieces in Musica?" On Facebook, a choir conductor was looking for “a piece that would convey anxiety/worries”. Another conductor needed a happy song to end a middle-school choir concert.

Is there a place where you can search for choral scores using only the emotion the work might convey? YES! A structured database as detailed as Musica International is ideal for searching scores which fit such a purpose.

Go to, enter a word identifying an emotion (anxious, happy, sad, etc.) in the field <Words or title or Keywords or Genre/Style/Form>. You will get dozens of results for anxious and even hundreds for happy and sad. Search for fear and you get more than 800 results: for anger, more than 200 results, and for weep, more than 900 results. You can then ask for additional criteria such as voicing, difficulty for singers, language, duration, and more.

Remember that all IFCM members get Unrestricted Privileged Access to the Musica International database!



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