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Jul 14
13th European Seminar for choral composers Aosta, Italy, 14 - 21 July 2024
Published: Mar 06,2024

The European Seminar for Choral Composers is a professional masterclass atelier on choral composition designed for composers and choir conductors with experience in writing and composing. It is organised by Feniarco under the label of European Choral Association and in collaboration with Arcova (Regional Association of Choirs in Valle D'Aosta).
The composing workshops are:

➤ Workshop on choral composition 1 - Bob Chilcott (United Kingdom)
As a composer, Bob Chilcott created music that is both connective and helps give voice to singers, at various levels of preparation. He has also composed pieces designed for young singers that are often sung in schools. As a result, much of his music is melodic, with a connective harmonic language. He also like to collaborate with writers and this has resulted in pieces that focus on the art of storytelling and ideas and themes, and this way of working appeals to him greatly. When he writes, he likes to think about clarity, both lyrically and musically, shape, sound-worlds, practicality and craft.

➤ Workshop on choral composition 2 - Tadeja Vulc (Slovenia)
Her musical language bases on tonality as well as noises and sounds themselves and more modern, complex chords. During composing with the participants, we will try to give answers to the following questions: how to write a choral piece that is interesting for both performers and audience? How to start composing and what should we pay attention to? What else can be upgraded for each individual participant with a focus to the own language? How to push the boundaries in composing and performing?

For the whole duration of the seminar, the active participants will have at their disposal two pilot choirs that will have the task to perform the compositions in progress.

Learn more here and apply!

Deadline for applications: 15/04/2024
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