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Mar 28
IFCM is happy to welcome a new business member: Uniart Culture and Media Group
Published: Mar 28,2024

Based in Austria, Uniart Culture and Media Group has a 30-year experience in the arts sector and specializes in organizing music festivals. Their flagship event is the World Peace Choral Festival and the World Orchestra Festival.

These festivals showcase global talent, featuring performances at some of Vienna's most iconic venues, including the Golden Hall, Vienna City Hall Square, the UN Office in Vienna, and the University of Music and Performing Arts. Here below, you will find detailed overviews and schedules for both festivals. This year, Artstar Management and Travel Service Limited is privileged to welcome an array of distinguished figures to both festivals, promising enriching experiences through their jury duties and masterclass sessions:

13th World Peace Choral Festival, Vienna, Austria, 18-21 July 2024

With Alois Glaßner, head of the conducting institute of University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Stephen Mark Darlington MBE, Emeritus Fellow of University of Oxford, Fritz Terwey, and Lakner Tamás DLA, University of Pécs.

10th World Orchestra Festival, Vienna, Austria, 25-28 July 2024

With Toby Purser, Head Conducting of Royal College of Music London, Helmut Zehetner, deputy orchestra director of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and Neil Varon, Eastman School of Music.



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