Conductors Without Borders

Conductors Without Borders is a core project of IFCM that aims to build bridges between choral communities around the world by providing access to quality choral music instruction to those who may not have easy access to it. It is a mutual assistance program whose goal is to give conductors mainly in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, the opportunity to work and learn from experienced choral teachers.

Conductors Without Borders was created in 2007 as the conclusion of the World Assembly of Choral Conductor’s Associations (WACCA) in Buenos Aires, to fulfill the needs of choral conductors and leaders who require access to professional guidance and mentorship. For more information about the background of the project go HERE.



  • To develop competence in a training program of high artistic quality
  • To establish a network of cultural exchanges between choral conductors with regard for their culture and tradition
  • To share a common philosophy of choral singing, repertoire, and experiences
  • To build a community of local partners furthering co-operation and exchange of information



In the past years the IFCM team has been working hard on developing projects in Africa and Latin America. In Latin America, the project has held successful workshops in countries such as Guatemala, where the First International Choral Festival took place in July 2018. In 2021, the project held an online seminar for Latin American conductors, with plans to continue organizing more sessions in the future. In Africa, the project has extended its reach beyond French-speaking countries to other nations, including Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya, to offer technical and musical training to conductors.

Overall, the Conductors Without Borders project is making positive strides in providing choral music education to conductors who may not have access to it otherwise. The project has successfully held workshops and training sessions in Latin America and Africa, demonstrating its potential to make a significant impact in the choral communities in these regions.




Our plan is to organise more live and online sessions and Conductors Without Borders events in Latin America and Africa, but also to expand our impact on other countries. If you want to be an organisers of Conductors Without Borders project, please visit this link.

We are also always looking for the volunteer choral teachers for the project. As a volunteer choral teacher, you will help realize this goal by sharing your knowledge, skills, and experience in choral music and conducting. If you strongly believe that you have what it takes to help us reach this critical goal and that your passion for choral music education is what sets you apart - it makes you a great fit for this important project. If you are interested in volunteering as a choral teacher for Conductors Without Borders, please download and fill out this form in PDF (form in Word) and we can provide more information about what is required to participate. This project offers a unique opportunity for you to spread the joy and benefits of choral music education to a diverse and global audience.

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