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I wish to have my IFCM membership renewed automatically each year on the credit card indicated, at the prevailing rate. If I wish to cancel my membership, I shall notify IFCM in writing.
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Refund/cancellation policy:
- IFCM will refund and/or cancel membership within three months of initial payment. Requests for reimbursements should be in written form and sent to office@ifcm.net.
Privacy policy:
- Because we are an international organization, IFCM has a firm policy that the addresses of all members are never shared with anyone, even the membership itself.
- We do, however, share email addresses. Members are asked when they join and/or when they renew, if they want their email address shared. They have this opportunity to opt out.
- Because we are a small membership organization, all credit card information is seen by only one person, then kept in a secure location.