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Jul 06 highlighted
The European Choral Association - Europa Cantat stands for and protects collective singing!
Published: Jul 06,2020

Currently, around Europe, even with the removal of some restrictions in most European countries,  prohibitions or strong recommendations against singing still exist, in countries such as the UK and Russia as well as in parts of Germany, while other group activities that also involve heavy breathing (e.g. sports), or loud speaking and laughing (e.g. social gatherings) are largely no longer forbidden. 

The European Choral Association - Europa Cantat has been gathering what scientific evidence exists to date in its Covid-19 resources document. Whatever science proves in the end, it is not singing that is dangerous, Covid-19 is.

From the extensive research that is being done by the association and it's network, with collaborators in all the European countries and beyond, we must take a stand and say that singing improves people’s lives, now as much as ever!

We therefore advocate for:

  • monitoring the general spread and containment of the virus and on this basis having choral rehearsals allowed where other group activities are permitted, on the condition that all necessary measures for safety and hygiene are respected.
  • financial help to professionals in need within the choral sector, in order to ensure that choral activities survive the pandemic.

Please download the press release issued in June by the General Secretariat of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat, with the complete statement being taken by the association.

For more information on the situation of collective singing in Europe, we stay at your disposal.

You can find additional resources on our website, accessing

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