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Mar 31
IFCM Committees: lots of Accomplishments in Three Months
Published: Mar 31,2021

IFCM is excited to bring you up to speed on the work that its committees, presented in the February IFCMeNEWS, have been doing in the past weeks. Many thanks to all the members of these committees for their enthusiasm and accomplishments! Unless otherwise indicated, committee members are IFCM board members or staff.


IFCM WSCM2023 Committees

While the World Symposium on Choral Music (WSCM) 2023 is organized and produced by the Qatar National Choral Association (QNCA), there are specific roles and responsibilities for two joint committees, Artistic and Administrative, each with equal representation from IFCM and QNCA.

The Artistic Committee, co-chaired by Jan Schumacher (Germany) and Giovanni Pasini (QNCA, Qatar) is responsible for all decisions regarding the artistic programme of the symposium, i.e., develop the main theme of the symposium, select the choirs and lecturers, construct the concert schedule, develop the fringe programme, plan the exhibition, and envision special concerts and activities in the frame of the symposium. Committee members include Cristian Grases (IFCM representative, USA), Nasser Sahim Nasseb (QNCA, Qatar), Beverly Shangkuan-Cheng (IFCM representative, Philippines), Alena Pyne (QNCA, Qatar), and Dana Alfardan (Honorary Member, Qatar).

The Administrative Committee, co-chaired by Ki Adams (Canada) and Jennifer Taynen (QNCA, Qatar) is responsible for all decisions regarding the production of the symposium, i.e., all administrative and financial areas. This task includes oversight for symposium components such as budget, schedule, marketing, registration/ticketing, human resources, technical support, and hospitality. Committee members include Gábor Móczár (Hungary), Aljazi Al Henzab (QNCA, Qatar), Yoshihiro Egawa (Japan), Anwar Al Nimri (QNCA, Qatar), and Khalid Salim (Honourary Member, Qatar).

West Bay skyline, Doha, Qatar


IFCM Conductors Without Borders Committee

Conductors Without Borders (CWB) was launched in 2007 to encourage the formation of choral organizations in countries and regions where none exist and to integrate these organizations into IFCM’s network. Thus far, CWB programs have been developed in Latin America and in Africa.

The new CWB committee has decided to restructure the program and to extend it to other parts of the world where conductors who, for various reasons, lack access to professional guidance and mentorship towards developing insightful and effective leadership.

Following the committee’s inaugural online meeting, responsibilities have been distributed as follows:

  • Africa: Yveline Damas (Gabon) and Thierry Thiébaut (Chair, France)
  • Asia-Pacific: Jan Schumacher (Germany) and Yoshihiro Egawa (Japan)
  • Arab countries: Burak Onur Erdem (Turkey), Victoria Liedbergius (Norway), and Roula Abou Baker (Lebanon)
  • Latin America: María Guinand (Venezuela) and Ana Patricia Carbajal (Mexico)

In addition to on-site sessions, video training will be organized in all regions for basic conducting techniques, a cost-effective and pedagogically-successful approach already in use by CWB in Latin America.

CWB in Argentina in 2019


IFCM World Choral Day Committee

World Choral Day (WCD) is one of the most powerful projects of IFCM, representing the commitment of the global singing community to peace, solidarity, and understanding. The committee works to bring the WCE project to a higher level of international recognition, refine the annual regulations, and develop new and creative communications methods.

The committee is composed of Gábor Móczár (Chair, Hungary), María Guinand (Venezuela), Saeko Hasegawa (Japan), and Burak Onur Erdem (Turkey), assisted by Emily Kuo Vong (Portugal), Iva Radulović (Serbia), Isabelle Métrope (Germany), and João Silva (Portugal).

The success of the WCD 2020 has been captured in a summary video which illustrates the diverse modes of choir participation, i.e., traditional video recording, virtual choir, previously-recorded video, or virtual concert. The number of participating choirs in 2020 demonstrated that many ensembles remained active to some degree during the pandemic. Moving forward, the committee is working on regulations for the 2021 session, taking into consideration the two drastically different previous years. Using WCD archival material, the WCD committee plans to produce a promotional video connecting this project with the United Nations. WCD 2021 will also be expanded to individual singers, contributing to an increased global performance of Alberto Grau’s Cantando, the anthem of WCD since 2019. The second Sunday of December will remain the specific day during which choral concerts will be broadcast globally through IFCM's communication channels, around the clock, to celebrate World Choral Day 2021.


IFCM Choral Education Programs Committee

The Choral Education Programs Committee is using this time of virtual and online work to plan its future master classes, workshops, and other educational activities for choral music education with a view to the time when we are able to travel and work face-to-face. The committee’s goal is to prepare both online and face-to-face programs, particularly for underserved and developing regions. IFCM’s choral education programs will concentrate specifically on Middle Asia, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and other developing regions around the world that have come to IFCM for collaboration and assistance. IFCM’s greatest resource is its human connection with the great choral practitioners around the world, and the Choral Education Program Committee plans to use this resource for the benefit of those looking to build their own choral programs.

Committee members include Tim Sharp (Chair, USA), Jo-Michael Scheibe (USA), Gábor Móczár (Hungary), Ana Patricia Carbajal (Mexico), Irvinne Redor (conductor, Philippines), Naomi Faran (conductor, Israel), Kaie Tanner (conductor, Estonia).


IFCM Composition Competition Committee

The committee for IFCM Composition Competition, consisting of Maria Guinand (Venezuela), Jan Schumacher (Germany), and Burak Onur Erdem (Chair, Turkey), has begun its mandate to evaluate this IFCM project. The main agenda of the group is to reconsider the competition according to the needs of the choral world. The committee has worked on model competitions, current practices in the world, possible prizes, and new formats. With a lot of inspiration and motivation, a new edition of the competition is being designed.


IFCM Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Countries' Youth Choir Committee

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Countries’ Youth Choir (SCOCYC) is a special international youth choir which aims to connect several EurAsian countries. The SCOCYC Committee is working on two fronts: 1) designing digital presentations to promote SCOCYC and its achievements around the world and 2) designing a 2021 online session with the original 2019 musicians in order to bridge pandemic times until live sessions may continue.

The Committee is composed of Gábor Móczár (Chair, Hungary), Saeko Hasegawa (Japan), Ki Adams (Canada), Burak Onur Erdem (Turkey) and André de Quadros (SCOCYC conductor, USA), assisted by Emily Kuo Vong (Portugal), Iva Radulović (Serbia) João Silva (Portugal), Maria Goundorina (SCOCYC conductor, Russia/Norway), and Yu Hang Tan (SCOCYC Session Manager, Malaysia).

According to the original idea in 2019, an SCOCYC session was to have been planned annually in order for IFCM to build a strong relationship with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). It is also IFCM's intention to build strong cultural relationships with the 18 SCO countries through the SCOCYC. The 2020 session was scheduled to occur in St. Petersburg, Russia, but had to be postponed due to the pandemic. 

SCOCYC with conductors André de Quadros and Maria Goundorina, outside the Wulan Theatre in the Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Museum, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China (image: Ki Adams)


World Youth Choir Committee

Many voices, diverse cultures, musical excellence, one message 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, two World Youth Choir (WYC) sessions have been cancelled: the 2020 WYC session with the German National Youth Orchestra and the 2021 WYC performance at the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) biennial national conference in Dallas, Texas. Fortunately, the ACDA conference pivoted to an online format, and the WYC was able to have a presence during the conference. The WYC alumni virtual performance of the choir’s signature work, An Irish Blessing (Irish folksong, arr. James E. Moore), was presented at the beginning of the conference’s last concert, the President’s Concert, which featured invited international choirs. WYC also participated in the conference’s virtual Exhibit Hall where conference delegates were directed to the WYC website and promotional materials for hosting a WYC session.

Given the uncertain global situation for the remainder of 2021, the WYC Foundation Board has decided not to plan a regular session in 2021. Several options are currently being discussed for the years 2022 and 2023, including a session in Qatar with the Arab Choral Network. In September 2020, the WYC Foundation was delighted to participate in an Online Reception organised by the European Choral Association as part of the EP:IC project. Anyone interested in hosting a session of the World Youth Choir or supporting the choir in one way or another can write to for further information.

The World Youth Choir Foundation is pleased to announce its board members and artistic advisors for 2021.

World Youth Choir Foundation Board of Directors

International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM)

  • Ki Adams (Canada), President
  • Emily Kuo (Portugal), Board Member
  • Iva Radulović (Portugal), ex officio as Operations Manager of IFCM

European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (ECA-EC)

  • Victoria Liedbergius (Norway), Artistic Vice-President
  • Martí Ferrer (Catalonia, Spain), Board Member
  • Sonja Greiner (Germany), ex officio as Secretary General of ECA-EC

Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI)

  • Stéphane Grosclaude (France), Treasurer
  • Tonci Bilic (Crotia), Board Member
  • Blasko Smilevski (Belgium), ex officio as Secretary General of JMI

World Youth Choir Foundation Artistic Advisors:

  • IFCM: Cristian Grases (USA)
  • ECA-EC: Daniel Mestre (Catalonia, Spain)
  • JMI: Géraldine Toutain (France)


WYC 2018 on the Great Wall of China


Asia Pacific Youth Choir Committee

Although the Asia Pacific Youth Choir (APYC) 2020 session has been postponed to November 2021, all 39 selected singers are invited to participate in the next APYC session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Singers are from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Taiwan.


One of the first sessions of the Asia Pacific Youth Choir



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