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World Symposium on Choral Music 2023, Qatar: Post-Cards (1)
Published: Jul 29,2021

Post-Cards from the WSCM 2023/24 in Qatar: The Museum of Islamic Art

The WSCM 2023/24 in Qatar offers an exciting look into the world of Middle Eastern and Arab choral music. But music is just one of the many cultural discoveries awaiting WSCM 2023/24 participants. Whether food, performances, art collections, museums, historical sites, or ocean and desert excursions, there is a wealth of attractions for visitors in and around the city of Doha. In the buildup to 2023, the e-NEWS will be featuring some of these local highlights, as well as cultural news stories and snap shots from the region. 

One of the most iconic buildings on the Doha waterfront, the Museum of Islamic Art was designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect I.M. Pei. Pei came out of retirement for this last project and spent months touring the Middle East and researching Islamic and Arab architecture before creating this masterpiece. Officially opened in 2008, today his creation stands as a powerful symbol of contemporary Islamic styling and integration, while housing one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of art pieces from the Islamic world. 

The Museum of Islamic Art’s collection includes textiles, carpets, glasswork, manuscripts, jewelry, ceramics, metalworks, and more, covering 1,400 years of Islamic material culture from three continents. While all the pieces in the collection are in themselves works of art, many were also intended for everyday use. Whether as serving dishes or lamps, floor coverings or wall tiling, the creation of beauty in even the simplest tools speaks to a universal human need for expression through art: expression that transcends time and place and is still speaking to us today. 

In addition to the collection, the Museum of Islamic Art houses a learning center and library, offers tours and workshops, and hosts special exhibitions. Of particular interest for WSCM and Fringe Festival participants, the Museum has a 200-seat auditorium, as well as indoor and outdoor performance spaces that regularly host free public chamber music concerts. 

The Museum of Islamic Art represents a space for cultural collaboration, preservation, and innovation. Bringing together art, performance, and people, it is a cultural highlight in Qatar and a “must see” item on the itinerary of all visitors. 

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